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How to clean transparent plastic tablecloth
- Jul 23, 2018 -

First, you can wipe with alcohol.

Second, wipe it with detergent, then wipe with water.

Third, Taomi water + hot water + vinegar cleaning.

The reason why the surface of the transparent plastic tablecloth is sticky:

The plastic is oxidized, and the resulting material is sticky. All plastic nets are available, but some are often in contact because of friction, so there is too much accumulation and it is not obvious. Plastics are polyolefins that are easily oxidized, mostly due to aging and deformation. The causes of deformation, cracking and aging of plastic products are mostly due to the small amount of dissolution of the plastic surface due to the structure or time. This is related to the surrounding environment. For example, some organic solvents can accelerate the dissolution of plastics, and high temperatures will accelerate the plastics. break down. Because plastic products are subject to oxidation by oxygen, and some stains on the surface, they feel sticky.

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