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Is long-term exposure of pvc plastic harmful to human body
- Jul 23, 2018 -

General plastic products are harmless. When plastic products meet the following three conditions, they will cause harm to the human body: first, contain harmful ingredients; second, harmful ingredients may escape from the plastic and enter your The body; third, this thing contains more harmful ingredients.

The study found that pvc will escape from the plastic, enter the food, and finally enter the human body. When heated, or placed in an acidic (alkaline) environment, the chemical bonds that bind the BPA to the plastic break, and the pvc escapes from the plastic and enters the plastic-wrapped food. After entering the body, pvc will disturb the endocrine system because it is similar to sex hormones.

PVC is the second most widely used synthetic material in the world. There are many people in the world. Even in the United States, the PVC industry is much larger than China, and the safety of the industry is guaranteed. In China, most enterprises are unable to adopt automatic conveying system due to insufficient advanced equipment, so the compounding section is relatively dirty and dusty, which has a certain impact on the body. Subsequent production sections, (hard products industry) have no significant impact on the body. (Individual soft products industry) There is a certain amount of plasticizer volatilization, and unmarried people are advised not to engage. Chlorine-containing gases generally do not affect the human body. Because PVC formulations require the addition of heat stabilizers to inhibit decomposition, the chlorine gas that escapes is almost negligible. Simple contact with plastic is not a big problem.

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