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Transparent rubber tablecloth turns yellow how to clean
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Thinner, officially known as thinner or solvent oil, usually a colorless transparent liquid, commonly known as banana water.

Hardware store, where the paint can be bought, 5 yuan a small bottle. Pour the thinner on the cloth, rub it repeatedly, rub it with a few more rubs. Friendly Tip: Put a plastic bag on your hand, or buy a few duck gloves for the duck neck king. Don't put the thinner on your hands, it will corrode the skin.

Foaming spirit

Polysiloxane-polyalkoxy ether copolymer, also known as foaming spirit, water-soluble silicone oil, is firstly hydrolyzed by chlorosilane to form polysiloxane, and then condensed with polyether. A yellow or brownish yellow oily viscous clear liquid. Wipe it.

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