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What is the material of the tablecloth
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Good or bad, depending on the specific use and user preferences, it is difficult to have a unified standard.

Spreading the tablecloth can make the restaurant have a different mood, but also can protect the desktop to avoid oil, wear and burn the desktop. Because cleaning and replacing the tablecloth is more convenient and economical than replacing the table. Let's first take a look at the type of tablecloth.

The tablecloth materials we usually use can be mainly divided into plastics and textiles according to the materials. Plastic tablecloths include pure PVC tablecloths and cotton-coated PVC tablecloths; textile tablecloths include: purified fiber tablecloths, polyester-cotton blended tablecloths, pure natural cotton and linen textile tablecloths, and high-grade silk satin tablecloths.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic tablecloths

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