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Is The Plastic Tablecloth Poisonous
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Plastics are non-toxic because plastics are macromolecules that the body cannot absorb. It is only because the additives that need to be added during processing are toxic, or the reaction is not sufficient when synthesized, and the monomer is released when used, and the plastic exhibits toxicity.

Adding lead-containing heat stabilizer to PVC processing

The use of PC in a hot environment for a long time releases bisphenol A, which is suspected to cause precocious puberty.

PE, PP, and PET additives use less auxiliaries, but they are not recommended for long-term use in a hot environment. (such as disposable plastic cups, mineral water bottles, barreled buckets).

Engineering plastics are non-toxic, but they are not encountered in life. High cost, often used as structural materials such as mechanical parts and precision parts.

The plasticizer problem in Taiwan this time is because DEHP is added to food. The normal use of DEHP is incorporation during plastic processing and is safe for normal use.

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