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The General Characteristics Of Toxic Plastics Are
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The color is thick and thick because a large amount of pigment (organic or inorganic) is added. But cheap pigments are poisonous.

The plastic texture is impure, it may be recycled plastic or doped with other plastics, this plastic can not guarantee its source is safe. Such as medical waste plastics and garbage collection.

It becomes soft when it is hot, and it feels sticky. Most PVC, the softer, the more plasticizers and low molecular weight polymers, generally not safe.

Plastic tablecloths do not come into contact with food for a long time, and do not touch food at high temperatures. Plastics have no odor, and aging plastics are replaced in time, so it is safe.

Many plastic and plastic tablecloths are made of polyethylene. Although they are non-toxic, the vinyl chloride released after heat is toxic and may cause cancer. If vinyl chloride is added with a plasticizer, it will also contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium. It is particularly easy to adsorb in the high-temperature food and the sweat in the hands, which is harmful to people's health. Some restaurants often use disposable plastic tablecloths. Many households use this tablecloth to save trouble. If the public does not pay attention to placing chopsticks and spoons on the tablecloth, some toxic substances will enter the human body. Long-term use will inevitably result in the body. harm. It is best not to use tablecloths for plastic products. If you must use them, it is best to choose polypropylene.

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