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Why Does The Plastic Tablecloth Have A Pungent Smell
- Jul 23, 2018 -

It can't be removed in a short time, most of them are caused by the use of inferior and cheap lubricants and coolants. Many of them are toxic, because the odorous substances have penetrated into the interior and can only slowly ooze out, so it is recommended to replace them.

The smell is due to the fact that the plastic tablecloth is not volatilized in the chemical raw materials in the production process, and there is some margin in it. As long as it is spread out for a period of time, it can naturally reduce the taste. If it is urgent, it can be sucked with activated carbon for one day. It is.

Method of operation: Put the activated carbon into the Coke bottle, and put some holes on it, put it together with the plastic tablecloth to get the odor.

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